iMadeFace 3.0

Create your face


  • Lots of customization
  • Easy to use
  • Upload to many social networks


  • Single use app

Very good

iMadeFace is a easy to use image creator where you create cartoon faces.

It is a simple app that has a lot of creative potential because of its plentiful character creation options. You can create a face that is very similar to your own. Using iMadeFace is very straightforward. On the top header, there are different options from face shape, eyes, hair, and mouth shape that you swipe horizontally to choose from. Swiping vertically will change the color of the part you are manipulating.

Once you are finished with the appearance, you can add accessories like glasses and add a slogan at the bottom. The slogan options are basic and contain a lot of popular phrases. When you finish in iMadeFace, you can share the image to popular social sites like Twitter and Facebook, email, or save the image in your photo album.

iMadeFace also has premium packs that add extra effects or parts for faces. The in-app purchase costs $0.99 per pack. While iMadeFace is a simple app, you can spend a lot of time creating your friends and posting them online. Depending on what additional packs are added, iMadeFace may become more than just a quick addition to your app library.

iMadeFace is simple, but its customizations are fun and you can create a variety of faces.

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iMadeFace 3.0

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